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How to Adopt

If you see a dog you are interested in applying for, please complete one of our online application forms, from the link on the right. Please complete a separate form for each dog you are interested in. 

We then go through all the application forms and invite the shortlisted applicants for an interview and home check before choosing the most suitable home for each dog.  If you are selected  then an adoption contract needs to be completed and signed. The process for adopting an Broken Halo dog is the same, regardless of whether the dog is currently in the UK or is abroad. 

We are unable to consider flats/apartments for puppies unless it is on the ground floor with DIRECT access to a secure garden. 

We do not have the resources to let all unsuccessful applicants know, but please feel free to contact us to check that your application form has been received ok. We have had some issues with forms not getting through and we would hate for you to lose out on your dog because of an I.T glitch. 


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Please note we do need evidence of landlord's permission to own a pet if your house is rented.

We also need copies of ID for all our adopters which is kept securely.