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Adopters' Guide


• All of our dogs require a homecheck and interview before any application can be successful and moved to the next stage. This is mandatory.
The adoption fee for foreign dogs is £480- this includes microchip, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, 4DX testing against all foreign diseases and parasites, neuter (where possible, does not apply to puppies due to age, therefore this will be done at adopters expense with proof requested), passport and travel to the UK.
• If your homecheck is approved and your application is successful, a non refundable deposit of £240 is required via bank transfer to reserve your new family member. Please note, they will not be reserved for you until this has been received.
• The remaining £240 of the adoption donation is required to be paid a minimum of 1 week before your new family member travels to the UK - this is mandatory and no dogs will travel without this being paid upfront.
Please before applying take on board that these dogs have mostly never been in a home, have never experienced life how we treat our pets.
Most will have never had a lead on for a walk, the only lead they will know off is being tied up or taken into a shelter.
Most unless specified will not be house trained so please expect some accidents.
These dogs are like no others, they are strong and out to survive, they may be nervous of you at first, and they will be encountering things like sofas , beds , cars, TVs, music , leads etc for the very first time, so please be patient, it takes time to trust and time to love, to get either you need to earn it.
Don't pity them- they want to feel safe and know you will now take care of them by being a calm, confident leader.
Expect to put some work in with training and socialising. What you put in is what you will get out! 
I promise give them time and leadership and you will have a loyal loving friend for life that loves like no other.

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