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What support do you offer your adopters?

6 September 2021

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All Broken Halo animals come with Full Rescue Back Up. 

Adopters are invited- and encouraged- to join our Adopters Only Facebook Page, which is a great source of advice and support. In addition, Broken Halo have two Head Veterinary Nurses on their team as well as an Animal Behaviourist.

The team are always happy to help answer your questions or queries. 

Travel groups set up for your new pet stay open forever so you can chat with other adopters of animals who travelled over to the UK at the same time as your pet. Our adopters are a friendly crew and most very much enjoy keeping in touch with one another. 

If you are no longer able to keep your Broken Halo pet it must be returned to Broken Halo. He or she cannot be rehomed, sold or given away privately. We offer Rescue Back Up for life.